Smashing High Blood Sugar the Natural Way … How It’s Done

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Smashing? You may ask.


Isn’t that a bit of a dramatic term to use in relationship to blood sugar levels?


Well when one struggles with chronic high blood sugar levels it can become very frustrating so therefore bringing out a bit of anger the good kind of anger may be of benefit. As The Terminator says, “Anger, it’s a much more useful emotion…”

So how about we do a little excess high blood sugar termination!

The majority of supplements on this site have the capacity to contribute a direct blow for Realty of Lee immediate blood sugar reduction.
Other supplements on our site have a more indirect call to support and help heal the blood sugar digestion process.

Here are a list of supplements that could have a direct impact on high blood sugar. Therefore the concept would be whereas let’s say I am running high blood sugar levels I would look to take one, or even all of the following supplements to help get the blood sugar back in line.

Of course we want a good blood sugar balance. If blood sugar is too low we could even pass out! Been there done that caused a lot of drama and looked pretty stupid in the process. Of course blood sugar that is too low can be downright but you know that. So what I Look to do is become a skillful master with using supplements knowing what supplement does what and then also experientially knowing what supplement does what in real time including how much of One supplement does what in relationship to the state of blood sugar excess in my body.

But as a reminder I have done all sorts of experiments over the years with sugar, blood sugar, insulin timing, nutrient timing, sugar overloading (purposefully and not so purposefully because of my sweet tooth…) so I have developed an experiential knowledge and a more fine-tuned since by feel, by biofeedback for what is going on in my body.

As a side note there are different ways to measure blood sugar these days. To actually get accurate numbers of blood sugar levels from your testing doing various experiments including the usage of supplements it’s a good idea to keep the data from your own personal testing organized so you can learn and tweak strategies over time,

I can only tell you what I do. I can’t tell you what to do. One would have to experience and get their own feel for the supplements usage and dosage. Ideally one should have blood sugar monitoring if one is in a more advanced “diabetic” state. Also one should be working with their knowledgeable healthcare professional on matter. But with supplements I have found that going little by little and building up over time seems to work well for me versus diving  gung-ho taking too much at once, especially with blood sugar supplements or stimulants. I’ll even tend  to take less than the recommended dosage on the supplement bottle usually to start and then build up to a recommended dosage when testing different supplements on myself. But again I cannot speak for you and don’t copy me.  You must find what works for you, smartly, safely and optimally.

LEVELITIZE9 Blood Sugar Support

DIFFUSION4 Blood Sugar Support

Forskolin Supplements

Caralluma Supplements

Chlorella Supplement – Broken Wall Chlorella Detox

ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements – – Powderized Apple Cider Vinegar

Biotin 10k

Green Coffee Bean Extract Svetol

Magnesium Glycinate – Highly Absorbable form of Magnesium

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

Saffron Extract for Weight Loss, Eye Health and Many Other Benefits


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