MMMmmm Doughnuts… Will I Ever Be Able to Have Doughnuts Again??

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MMMmmm Doughnuts… Will I Ever Be Able to Have Doughnuts Again??

He may have some really fond memories associated with donuts. You may think Homer Simpson is cool. You may have a really great donut shop nearby that makes really great homemade donuts. Whatever the reason is if you like donuts you have chosen to like donuts.

Is someone is struggling with blood sugar is it a good idea to have a habit of eating donuts?

What if you say that you just want to have one. Well what if you really really like that one donut? You want to have more donut? And if you like those more donut when she want to have even more donuts?

Here’s a problem: If you tell yourself something not to do or you set a rule to not do something you don’t want to do that thing. One self help guru once said that your subconscious and does not register negative, negating words like “don’t”. So if you say “don’t have any donut” your subconscious mind then picks it up as “have donuts”. And since the subconscious is 8000 times more powerful than the conscious mind then well we may have a problem with donuts….

On the other hand, you chosen to like donuts. You can choose to not like donuts. Ashley program your mind or your subconscious donuts are disgusting. Associate all the horrendous and hideous factors related to the consumption of fried foods. And no the fried foods problems isn’t just about getting fat there is a whole laundry list of problems that I’ve been reported associated with fried foods most of which end up in cancer and other problems. But back to the point you can associate looking like Homer Simpson Maybe. You can associate eating donuts to eating toxic chemical cleaners from the cleaning closet, the Janitor’s closet. You can associate eating donut looking like someone who you think is very unattractive and overweight. Your imagination.

Another problem is that these refined sugar refined flour products are also addictive. When they hook you get you into that does that disastrous cycle of excessive insulin release which leads to insulin secretion exhaustion in addition to insulin resistance which backs up your blood sugar. So on the other hand maybe you can make a difference type of donut with Organic Whole Foods that is not deep fried. Be creative. I just made an excellent almond flour banana bread where the almond flour is all almonds, no gluten of course, and besides the bananas there is no other insulin secretion taxing ingredients. I added extra protein powder, extra spices such as nutmeg, cloves, ginger in addition to the cinnamon called for in the recipe. I added almond extract and vanilla extract, some coconut milk, some eggs, baking soda, sea salt himalayan and I think that’s about it. It tastes really really good! Plus it’s satisfying. I feel no insulin release and I am very well too into when insulin is released. A protein in the fats from the almonds are substantial and of course as I mentioned I added about 40 grams of protein powder. Now that’s not quite like a donut but I thought I mentioned something that was very satisfying and tasty. Oh yes I added a lot of stevia to organic stevia. I’m a big Stevia fan. Additionally did you know that Stevia helps regenerate the pancreas beta cells, the cells produce insulin?

Look, you can heal yourself of this diabetes chronic high blood sugar dilemma. But you can’t go back to the things that cause the high blood sugar dilemma in the first place. Plus the things that caused the chronic high blood sugar dilemma “diabetes” in the first place really don’t taste good, I feel terrible, usually smell bad if you ever noticed. With just a little work and research you can replace all your old habits with habits that are much better, give you a lot more energy, save your health in many other regards, that will make you feel better and have a better mood, i’ll give you more coffee, that may even improve your love life, that will probably help you have a lean body and so on.

But back to the main topic of this article… Can you ever have Donuts again? Of course you can. And technically if you want to “cheat” what can be considered is if you do have a particular donut then you want to look at the various blood sugar level smashing supplements we have on this website. When you start studying the contents of the supplements we have you’ll be shocked how potent these supplement components are. You’ll be shocked at how effective the supplements components are when you start running into the clinical tests published using these variety of ingredients that are in our supplements.
So the key is from there is Define the appropriate dosage to help combat your donut blood sugar spike and Insulin Spike (if you’re even able to produce insulin or produce it well). For those of you who have blood sugar monitoring devices, the good thing is that you can experiment as many do. You have devices available now where as you don’t need to prick your finger anymore. For example there is a patch device that works great.

And notice I did not say a box of donuts, but “a doughnut”…:-)

P.S. Another tip: After eating said donut, consider a big hand grab hefty green vegetables such as broccoli, maybe green beans and eat that imediately after.

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