High Blood Sugar for Me Means… Work Out Time!

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High Blood Sugar for Me Means – Work Out Time!  Why Not Take High Blood Sugar as a Positive, as a Positive Opportunity to Have a Great Workout?

Most people look at high blood sugar a little too negatively. And you know the negative thinking Kim actually produce these negative frequencies in you which can actually cause you more problems. Did you know that?

But that’s another topic for another time.

When I have high blood sugar levels where is that high blood sugar has not gotten wiped out by an insulin blow then I have a lot of fuel in my blood. And guess what? That fuel can be put the work in a workout! It can also be put to work doing around the house that need to be tackled that are more active and engaging.

But I like to workout. I like to do a variety of different types of cardio exercise workouts. I like to workout with weights. I love to play sports.

They are particular exercises that focus more on burning blood sugar versus burning fat. Unfortunately for those who exercise little or who are just out of shape or those who don’t exercise at all tend not to do the type of exercises that burn blood sugar the least. And that’s a problem.

So because I have developed such a good bio feedback over the years since I have done so many experiments on blood sugar, food timing, insulin release timing floor athletic and physique maximization I have developed a greater sense to when I have blood sugar in my blood versus when I have low blood sugar versus when I have a lot of blood sugar in my blood that did not get wiped out from an insulin release because I ate just so much sugar (the old days…:).

So for most people actually if they would change the way they look have things into a more positive way they could have a lot less of a problem with high blood sugar. So for example if one incorporated the attitude I have as I look at high blood sugar levels as an opportunity to go workout there by burning out that blood sugar because I have so much of that blood sugar as fuel, then I can get a great workout, reduce my blood sugar, develop my muscles, burn fat, get stronger, look better, develop more confidence and lose fat weight.

Of course there can be an easier way for those who are “allergic” to working out.  That way would be through the use of smart blood sugar supplements.  And you know that we have a bunch on this site for you to try.  Check out our Blood Sugar Supplements page.

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