“Can I Ever Get Free of this Diabetes Imprisonment?!”

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“Can I Ever Get Free of this Diabetes Imprisonment?!”

Yes in most cases. A report was just put out not so long ago where as 90% of stomach staple surgery patients who had diabetes were cured of their diabetes. Now we are certainly not encouraging that ridiculous surgery. But we can take lessons from what happened after the surgery that led to the changes.

Firstly there stomach size was forcefully shrunk. They can only eat so much at once. Now before we start thinking oh it’s just about smaller portion sizes there’s more to it.

First of all if someone says oh I’ll just have smaller portion sizes – well what does that mean? Smaller portion sizes of what exactly? Smaller portion sizes of refined flour pancakes with and fake maple syrup?

No. When the stomach is forcefully shrunk as such what ends up happening is that a person cannot eat very much obviously. But they can run into a scenario where they cannot eat enough food they need. So their body sends out signals that they need to eat highly efficiently which means that they need to eat only nutrient dense foods. And in that case, what likely ends up happening is that you lose your taste for junk, junk that largely contributes heavily to chronic blood sugar disorders.

This similar concept happens if you get sick. If you let your immune system get weakened to a point where it gets taken over by “bad bugs” then you really dip down into that cold or flu or whatever you have. At that point most people lose taste for junk when in a state of sickness. I remember in the days when I used to get those colds and flus, “the common cold”.  During that time of sickness  I absolutely could not stand sucrose sweets, alcohol, coffee, refined flour products, junk food, fast food and all of those low nutrient density foods. My body only liked high density nutrient foods like fruits, vegetables, fats ( good types of fats), meats, protein powder, green tea and of course supplements. Everything else made me feel miserable and ended up tasting like crap because I lost my taste for it.

So what is this mean to you? Well I have another tip for you.

Back when I was a whippersnapper (high school) I was into reading bodybuilding magazines from a pretty young age. I picked up on all sorts of nutrition tips and ideas and concepts. And at the time many years ago I got the idea that all deserts were evil, evil to my muscular physique which I certainly wanted to keep, especially to impress girls. So I had developed this iron will discipline and didn’t eat a dessert for the most part for about three and a half years. And I had a sweet tooth! So how did I manage that?

I used my imagination to associate disgusting things with desserts. I made myself believe that dessert we’re disgusting, bad, evil and tasted like what poo smelled like… that plus whatever other imaginative negative thing I could associate with desserts. I made a point of reprogramming my mind enough to where I finally actually started believing it. And so therefore desserts became disgusting to me. They became a vile thing “for wimp”s. And those wimpy desserts had no part of this finely-tuned athletic machine! lol It sounds a little funny but it worked.

On a more serious note you’re going to have to learn how to identify foods that are evil towards your cause, that cause being GREAT Blood Sugar Health. You can use this technique I somehow stumbled upon back in high school.

But now the problem is what do you use this technique upon? What foods are bad and what foods are good? Who actually knows? Who actually knows since most of the mainstream blood sugar advice has been really stupid and not only ineffective but disasterous making blood sugar problems MUCH worse.

Fortunately we have 2 new products for you that could very well help you:  1. Hideous Hidden & Not So Hidden Factors that Cause Blood Sugar Digestion Problems  2. The Blood Sugar MASTERY Program

Check out this link from CDC on the increasing, the likely increasing diabetes over the past several decades  you have to ask why this is and who’s in charge of fixing this? Are these people that stupid or is there something else going on? Regardless we need to take care of ourselves at this point and there’s no time to lose.

We believe it’s pertinent to have smart targeted clinically proven highly-efficient nutrients to support our blood sugar digestion hell so then therefore this is why we have assembled a series of supplements targeting blood sugar for ourselves. You may appreciate these supplements yourself. The research and the clinicals about the various ingredients are readily available online if you wish to do some research

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