Basic Logical Considerations of Dealing with High Blood Sugar, Drugs and Supplements

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WARNING 1: Dealing with blood sugar levels is a serious thing. As you know, having chronic high blood sugar can become very dangerous over time causing havoc within your body while starting to break apart the inner workings of your body, your eyes, your nerves, your organs and so on. But let’s remember that if your blood sugar drops too low you could pass out or you can just become very weak, tired and not very productive or functional. And if you’ve never experienced passing out before well, it’s not a fun experience. Passing out could be dangerous if you’re in the middle of an activity such as driving. Passing out could also be scary causing you to freak out at the moment thinking you are dying, or other fear educing experience (speaking from experience:).

Many people have not developed experience and expertise in dealing with their blood sugar levels and they are new to the game. So understand that you will personally need to gain more and more knowledge understanding on blood sugar mastery in order to handle blood sugar digestion problems well. And part of that Mastery will come by working with an expert who can monitor you and or who can give you appropriate blood sugar monitoring equipment.

WARNING 2: Many people with known blood sugar problems “diabetes”, are on drugs, pharmaceutical medicines. There is plenty of research online (or not if suppressed by search engines) that you can find to the possibilities a Pharmaceuticals in general. And really all you need to do is listen to a TV commercial to remind you of potential side effects. And when combining drugs with herbal supplements you have a wild-card of possibilities and you really need to be under a knowledgeable healthcare professional. A knowledgeable Healthcare professional on this matter will be one who understands and is well trained in supplementation (leaves, roots, seeds, berries etc) and nutrition. Yet many are not trained in supplementation and nutrition and they will tend to be biased while insulting the other and promoting their own. And then those who are more naturally minded will tend to be biased and their own approach while insulting the other and promoting their own. (natural supplements vs. drugs and drugs versus natural supplements). You need to look out for what’s best for you while keeping in mind potential bias. Don’t be afraid to keep asking questions from your healthcare provider because by asking questions you’ll be able to find out what you need or what you need to research yourself.

Long term drug use has its dangers of which they just claim if you read their fine print that comes with an insert in the drug you purchase. Use a magnifying glass and read it. It has been reported that 300,000 people die per year on average from complications with pharmaceutical drugs (of which the details of that report would take further research and validation by yourself). But on the other hand pharmaceutical drugs have work great in many ways especially for immediate solutions for Urgent problems. As far as the same report goes ZERO people die per year from natural supplements. And technically natural supplements are food crunched up into a pill. Yet that’s not to say that they are not powerful. In fact many pharmaceuticals distill components of natural supplements to find their effectiveness. There are also certain herbs, roots etc that are poisonous that of course you wouldn’t want to eat or take in a pill. And over time there have been supplements of various natural things that were not a good idea to use as supplements. So drugs have their benefits and supplements have their benefits. But… The combining of the two could be dangerous. The combining of the two could work fine as well and possibly even synergistically. The question is: What’s going on with your body? What are your daily habits? How toxified are you on your insides? How much damage have you already caused yourself from chronic high blood sugar? And there are many other questions that could be asked. And of course: Do you even know that you have chronic high blood sugar issues? But the point is that you want professional guidance who could run tests on you and monitor you while you try different supplements for increasing your blood sugar digestion health and ability.

We’re not here to tell you what to do, to diagnose, or to prescribe etc. Ideally, it seems more logical that the natural route is better. But that’s not necessarily the case if you have an acute, serious, immediate problem where you need a rigorously tested dosage of a drug for the specific purpose of dealing with your immediate and urgent need. The medical world is very good with dealing with acute immediate needs to help keep you alive and functioning. But even as most medical doctor will tell you, you need to correct fundamentals in order to get more healthy, to stop eating certain bad things, and to start eating certain good things from what they know is good. And to start taking certain supplements from what they know is good. Just understand that medical doctors are not trained in nutrition, advanced Nutrition or supplementation (leaves, roots, seeds, berries etc) and most will readily admit it, although they wish they were. There are other types of doctors out there such as Naturopaths who are experts in nutrition and supplementation, at least they are trained to be. We can gain our own personal expertise at nutrition and supplements especially these days with the ability to access so much information and clinical testing of supplements online.

Regardless, healthcare professionals have the knowledge, understanding and tools to be able to measure your blood sugar

WARNING 3: Most people have no clue about Liver Health. Most people who has some idea tend to ignore their Liver Health. Ignoring the liver health is very not smart especially in modern times are we getting bombarded by so many chemicals, heavy metals, EMF radiation from Wi-Fi cell phones, laptops and iPads etc and so on. The modern liver is overloaded continually with no help because not many know how to supplement, eat & drink for the liver to help keep it healthy. And one more very large Factor may be larger than the rest: If you are on meds, drugs then you have a very large wild card of possibilities going on in your body and many of them are negative as you can tell from listening to any one of their tV commercials as a rattle off a list of side effects.

But the important point is that firstly the liver is an important component in the process of digesting blood sugar. Very few know that or talk about it it seems. Having a healthy liver is critical to have a healthy blood sugar. But do you understand that side effects of certain drugs can damage even shut down your liver (as recently experienced by someone we know). Pharmaceuticals are not a joke. They are not candy and they have their side effects as they clearly state. And the problem for most people who are put on drugs, or herbal supplements for that matter is that there is no consideration for Liver Health. And in if an individual is not concerned with their own Liver Health it’s likely that they are not concerned with taking and a variety of other toxins therefore they put their liver in grave danger. There are many supplements (roots, herbs, seeds etc) and foods that support the cleansing in the regeneration of the liver that most knowledgeable Healthcare professionals (knowledgeable being the keyword) would likely require of their patients. That we are not telling you to take anything in order to do anything or to prescribe anything to you but talk about the possibility and protocol for keeping the liver healthy while on potentially liver damaging drugs. And these past two paragraphs were inspired by someone we know who has just recently encountered near liver failure because there was no consideration whatsoever about boosting Liver Health while being on five different pharmaceuticals, and this person is an MD!

Additionally those who tend to have blood sugar problems have a tendency of neglect of the body or lack of knowledge and understanding of how to optimize a body for greater health. Therefore there can be a tendency of an uptake of more toxins and poisons on average from food, air, water, soaps, cosmetics, drinks, cleaners etc. All while taking in on average lower nutritional density Foods. So in conclusion, those who have blood sugar problems need to be particularly mindful of their liver health.

WARNING 4: Do not take blood sugar supplements without the supervision of a knowledgeable healthcare professional who understands nutrition and supplementation. There are healthcare professionals out there who actually understand nutrition and supplementation these days that are not biased and are concerned for your overall well-being rapid recovery. Understand that if you are taking drugs that you have a wild-card of of possibilities going on in your system. Just listen to any drug TV commercial and you’ll hear the laundry list of potential problems. Also when taking drugs it seems as if most forget to take care of the liver and boost liver health so keep that in mind. Also be careful of mixing and matching supplements to drugs because as mentioned before there is a broad spectrum of possibilities and you want to maintain maximum health while knowing the effects of each respectively, drugs versus supplements accurately.  Drugs have their benefits.  Supplements have their benefits.  Regardless, the information on our website is to be taken as opinion and not fact, the way things are, diagnosis, prescription or advice.   Take our supplements through the direction of a knowledgeable health care professional only.  Do not take supplements on your own.

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